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Johnny @ Breast Cancer Research Foundation's Hot Pink Party

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Королевна в короне =))

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омг, втф?)

А теперь то, что от тебя осталось, может идти.


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In this exclusive interview with FULL FRONTAL FASHION, Johnny Weir once again talks to Bradford Shellhammer about Hollywood fashion, meeting Elton John, and his possible fashion career.

When you were in L.A. for the Spirit Awards, did anyone surprise you?

Jodie Foster. That was amazing to see her, and no one told me she was going to be there. She was just standing there in a pair of jeans looking demure. She was meek, almost. That impressed me.

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glaad red carpet interview

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B&TF: How did you become so fascinated with Russian culture and language?

JW: It was born in me. There’s something so special about Russia from the first time I ever heard the name Russia. Of course it was USSR when I was born. Everything that I’ve heard fascinated me. I had a book, it was called, “Russia and her states”, because here they called them states, not republics. I was so interested in learning about the tsars, and the alphabet. I started to draw the characters from the alphabet and it was something that was so special to me. Really, Russia lives in my heart.

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Лучше поздно, чем никогда

Для тех, кто не видел/не знает - по американскому tv прошедший ЧМ показывали с комментариями Джонни ( периодически забегали и другие фигуристы, но who cares ))) - и, имхо, это стоит посмотреть.

Замечательные люди в нашем любимом ontd все это записали и выложили - здесь (пост открыт для участников сообщества). Если лень вступать, то можно скачать с mediafire. Там видео и аудио-версии (рекомендую все-таки смотреть)).
Если и скачивать не хочется, то оно же на youtube, но это уже не от ontd и качество хуже, чем в первых ссылках.
А здесь есть цитаты оттуда, если кому нужно.
Просто так - несколько моих мини-капсов для затравки:


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Glo.com Launch Party

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я так понимаю, что фотграфии с вечера еще будут появляться, так что пост буду подымать по мере необходимости)


UPD. это отблески или у заечки зеленые прядки? Оо

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новые outtakes из BGJW

Жоня в парикмахерской - Did u just call me a dude? XD
Джонни, Тара и Боз в ресторане - Джонни помогает брату выбрать водку :gigi:
Жоня и пилатес
Петренко раздает автографы
Жоня после шоу в похерфейсовском костюме. Johnny(in his costume)to his mom: "Ok let's go before the hockey people come and beat me up."
Пэрису накладывают мейкап и он говорит о том, что они с Джонни называют друг друга Никки и Пэрис.

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Wonderwall stayed up late last night to attend the launch of our new sister site, Glo, at the Cooper Square hotel in New York City and bumped into our favorite Olympic figure skater, Johnny Weir! The always personable Mr. Weir gabbed our ears off about his burgeoning music career, how he'd style Lady GaGa and his style advice for spring.

Wonderwall: We heard you're working on your first single, is that true?

Johnny Weir: Yes. I'm working with Lucien Piane [known online as RevoLucian]. He's RuPaul's producer. He put together a song for me called "Dirty Love," after he saw me skate in the Olympics. So I'm going to be singing this song "Dirty Love." We're currently going over some lyrics and fixing things up a bit and after everything's finished in May I'm actually going back out to L.A. and starting to record it.

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спасибо weirsjohnny <3

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Chaz Bono & Johnny Weir at the 21st Annual GLAAD Media Awards in LA

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Наканецта выступление =))

thanks ontd_skating, есессна.

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с 0.30

More Gay Movies & Entertainment News

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I’ve become a Johnny Weir groupie.

I’m completely charmed and dazzled by this gifted Olympian who most certainly marches to his own drummer.

At the GLAAD Media Awards over the weekend, I got to gab with Johnny a bit and he could not have been nicer.

Here is our chat:

Q. You’re such a hero the way you conducted yourself at the Olympics in the face of some difficult circumstances. Where did that strength come from?

A. I find that I’m very strong and that’s something that was instilled in me by my parents. They never told me not to do something or to do it this way, they always pushed my brother and I to do everything the way we thought was right. When you don’t have the constant badgering from family and friends, then you tend to grow and be unique and strong in who you are.

I’ve fallen down more than I’d like to admit in life but I always get up, and I always dust myself off and I keep moving because my parents taught me that.

Q. Your performance in the long program at the Olympics was superb. I could not believe the judges ranked you sixth. How did you feel about your scores?

A. There’s a lot of politics in figure skating and there was already an American assured of a medal when I took the ice. So that, in a way, was already the first nail in the coffin of me not winning a medal at the Olympics. Of course I was so upset and so depressed that I didn’t win a medal. But at the same time, I did the best I could. I rocked. I did the best that I possibly could, I took that audience on a journey and that’s the best that I could have done.

A medal was something that I could not control at all but of course, as an athlete, we don’t like to lose.

Q. It was the performance of a lifetime.

A. It was. It was the performance of my lifetime, probably the best performance I’ll ever give.

Q. Are you enjoying yourself now post-Olympics?

A. I’m so enjoying my life, I’m so enjoying my ribcage (gestures as his skimpy, ribcage baring shirt).

Q. Everyone pays attention to everything you say now. You make a little remark on Chelsea Lately about [Olympic Gold Medalist] Evan Lysacek and it’s all over the place. Some thought when you winked at Chelsea you were confirming that you think Evan is gay. Anything you want to say about that?

A. Well, the Evan situation, I was kind of winking at Chelsea to stop and people misconstrued it as me implying something that I wasn’t implying. I don’t know Evan well enough to say anything about his personal life.


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GLAAD awards

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еще одно видео - про DWTS, "don't ask don't tell" military policy, etc.
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UPD. one mooooar мини-интервью.

Johnny on his gloves: "They're like a metallic silver oil slick that I was sloshing through to get here"

On Lysacek: "You know, we've always been competitors. I don't know the dirt and the nitty gritty. We've never been close. I mean, I have no reason to be close with him. He has his life and I have mine."

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Johnny at Equality California - #3 - до, во время и после приема

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It's official - серия BGJW посвященная Олимпиаде выйдет 27 июня.

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LA Talk Radio

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www.latalkradio.com/Terry.php - интервью Джонни LA Talk Radio.
можно скачать или послушать на сайте. начинается примерно с 87 минуты.

- I love my penis! (c) JW о высказывании комментаторов, что ему надо пройти тест на определение пола.
Ну и еще раз он говорит, что, я так понимаю, он собирается совершить каминг аут в своей книге. По-крайней мере, что он собирается говорить о своем сексуальном прошлом.

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Релиз книги Джонни назначен на январь 2011.

He’s known for his colorful personality, both on and off the ice. Now, outspoken figure skater Johnny Weir will bring his unique voice to the literary world.

Simon & Schuster imprint Gallery Books announced today that it will publish a yet-to-be-titled book from Weir, featuring a collection of anecdotes and essays on skating, fashion, pop culture and the author himself. It’s scheduled for a January 2011 release. “His book will be all things Johnny — vivacious, stylish, honest and one-of-a-kind,” said Jennifer Bergstrom, vice president and editor-in-chief of Gallery Books, in a statement.

Weir, 25, is a three-time U.S. National Figure Skating champ, World Medalist and two-time U.S. Olympian. He’s also the star of his own reality show, Sundance Channel’s Be Good, Johnny Weir.


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Johnny at Equality California #2

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решила не перегружать тот пост.

It's very important that when you attend a political fundraiser, you gather at a place of incredible, filthy wealth. Which is how I found myself at the stunning Sowden House, a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home in Hollywood. The event was for marriage equality, but I had only one thing on my mind: MEET JOHNNY WEIR.

After about a half-hour of making conversation in a sea of botox, I looked up and saw something even more stunning than the house -- a gazelle in low heels, black leggings, a blazer and a Tiffany shopping bag. Johnny. He was standing about ten feet away, surrounded by friends. His lawyer, who I knew slightly, was with him.

So I snuck up next to his lawyer and begged, "Introduce me to Johnny." He made a very nice introduction and then Johnny looked at me and said, "That's SO gay! That's SO gay!" Wow. Cloud nine.

I wanted to make my time with him as efficient as possible, so I asked if he was in LA that often and could he come by Current sometime so we could do something together. "I'm in LA every so often. But you know me, girl, I'm everywhere." I normally wouldn’t love someone calling me "girl," but with Johnny, it felt right.


+ речь, на которую я давала ссылку вконтакте - на ютубе.

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Johnny at Equality California

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.. And this community, us, our people, are the ones that make it [world] fucking gorgeous!
So no matter how much people pushed down on us, no matter how much people tried to direct the attention of the world onto them, and how much they hate people that are different. Not just, you know, the gay community - also african-american people, jewish people. My beautiful agent is a jewish woman and had trouble in her life for being jewish. I mean, there are so many things that people focus on, and it's always sort of WHAT a person is, and not WHO that person is. And I think it's so important - especially now, it's 2010, - to focus on who we are, and who we love. If, you know, I want to get married tomorrow, to a woman or to a man, whatever makes me happy, I'm gonna try to do it, I wanna have the freedom to do it. Everyone should have the freedom to do that.

+1 видео

Джонни и тот самый mr. bryan safi
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+4 фото с приема

спасибо ontd_skating и weirsjohnny

Речь Джонни полностью вконтакте => vkontakte.ru/video-117997_142727433
оттуда же перевод на русский:
Для меня большая честь быть здесь и иметь возможность «продвигать» такое замечательное мероприятие . Для меня как для спортсмена и человека главным всегда было достичь наивысшей точки прекрасного в моей жизни. И это важно не только для подрастающего поколения ,которое за этим наблюдает (мужик подходит-прим.)) Ой, извините, я держал микрофон ближе к животу.Я голоден =))Ой, мне надо все повторить? (голос из зала: Да!) Как спортсмен я всегда стремился делать все отлично, красиво. И очень хорошо, что это могло стать примером для молодого поколения. Но в то же время это открыло глаза и многим родителям, людям постарше. Например, моей бабушке, которая видела своего внука в кристаллах Сваровски. читать дальше
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Johnny Weir (с блэкджеком и шлюхами!)