21st Annual GLAAD Media Awards

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Upd: Много Джонни не бывает. хD
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спасибо ontd))
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UPD. вновь спасибо Ник :buddy:

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I was not prepared for Olympian Johnny Weir to be as absolutely sweet and fun as he was.

I’m just crazy about him and so was pretty much everyone else on the red carpet. Johnny was playful and, of course, dressed in his own very individual style.

I’ll be posting my interview with Johnny later this week but wanted to let you know that I asked him about the incident on Chelsea Lately where it seemed like he was hinting that fellow Olympian Evan lysacek is gay.

Johnny told me the exchange with Chelsea was misunderstood and that he doesn’t know Evan well enough to say one way or another.

Johnny presented an award with Chaz Bono.


ну и еще об Эване с otonal

the said:

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Джонни, Адам Ламберт и экс-бф Адама.

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Джонни was a hit last night xD

Джоня и Адам

А это экс-бф Ламберта, который уже фангерлил по Джонни чуть ранее:
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А этой ночью написал:
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seems like Johnny had fun :lol:

ну и еще - видео с красной дорожки тут (надо промотать где-то до 9.20)


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Long lost Tremor sister

Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir skated down the red carpet at the GLAAD Media Awards Saturday night (Apr. 17), wearing pair of silver gloves and striking dramatic poses for the photographers.

Weir's personally been helped by GLAAD. "They had my back when I wasn't brought onto the figure skating tour 'Stars on Ice' and they got everyone boycotting Smucker's products and boycotting 'Stars on Ice.' They had my back. It's an amazing thing. I couldn't not be here tonight."

He also talked about his affection and support for the organization that provide a voices for those who don't have one.

"There are so many beautiful people here tonight," he said. "It's so wonderful that everyone comes together to celebrate life and celebrate the differences that make us all unique."


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LA Times interview

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Johnny Weir loves Balenciaga bags, supports same-sex marriage and addresses that Kate Gosselin rumor

Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir is flamboyant and proud of it. He'll never leave his home in Lyndhurst, N.J., without his turquoise Balenciaga work bag and Linda Farrow sunglasses.

No one can deny that the figure skater causes a sensation whether he hits the ice or the red carpet with his Ziggy Stardust outfits, gravity-defying pompadour and war paint. But Weir's ostrich feathers and reported diva-like behavior might overshadow his accomplishments -- Weir placed sixth overall at the Vancouver Winter Olympics -- and generated less than favorable publicity.

Weir will be the guest of honor at a cocktail fundraiser for Equality California, in support of marriage for same-sex couples, on Sunday (April 18) at the Lloyd Wright’s Sowden house in Los Feliz.
All the Rage caught up with Weir in advance of his appearance to chat about his other passion besides figure skating: “I love style, and I love fashion.” he says. “I walk down the street in Lancaster, Pa. [his hometown], completely decked out."

You love fashion. Any prospect for Johnny "Wear” to hit the racks?

I definitely want to get a clothing line off the ground, but I need a lot of leg work. You don’t want to be somebody that has someone else make them a line of clothing and put their name on it. I want to be sewing buttons and putting fur trim on things myself.

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-- Max Padilla

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Johnny Weir on marriage and his upcoming book

Long lost Tremor sister
Apr 15th, 2010 by Cyd Zeigler jr..

I caught up with Johnny Weir as he preps for two big gay fundraisers this weekend in Los Angeles: Saturday at the GLAAD Awards and Sunday at a fundraiser for Equality California. Given his recent work with gay groups, and EQCA in particular, I wanted to know what he really thought about marriage. And his perspective was wonderfully traditional.

I believe as long as you can enter marriage and keep it going until you die, that’s the way to do a marriage. I don’t like the idea of marriage for money or tax breaks. I believe in the right reasons for people to get married: Love, devotion, partnership. If you’re going to get married, you need to be sure that that’s the person you’re going to be with for the rest of your life. But I believe everyone should have the same rights.

He said his traditional perspective on marriage comes from his parents, the high school sweethearts (mom a cheerleader, dad a football player) who have been married Johnny’s whole life.
Still, he’s not sure he’ll end up married one day.

I don’t know if I’m the marrying kind. I’m very much catlike. And sex isn’t that important to me. Partnership is something I have with my family and my friends. My close circle of friends are my partners in crime. I have a certain way I like to live. If someone wanted to be with me, they’d either have to be very dumb or very accepting.

I also asked him about the recent LA Weekly piece that painted Weir as two-faced, on the one hand benefiting from the work of gay-rights groups while at the same time refusing to verbally say whether he is gay.

What year do we live in? Is it not 2010? It’s not 1910. I think the time for labeling people has come to an end. Everyone needs to move on and live in a way that everyone can live together. Whatever your own personal life is, it doesn’t matter. It has no basis on who I am as a person. My sexuality isn’t something I keep sacred but it’s not something I need to defend. I am so thrilled that GLAAD did come to my defense, but it wasn’t only gay groups that came to my defense. For someone to criticize me for not saying yes or no to a question is silly.

However, Weir told me that he will disclose much of his sexual past in a new autobiography that he is writing, which will come out in 2011. He said he’s using the book to tell the full story of Johnny Weir because he can control the message in the book, and because “there are people out there who want to hear that story.”

thanks to ~FABULOUS~ ontd_skating

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Жоня на балете в Питере xD

поезд в Москоу

KOI в Москве - тренировка и выступление
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Жони и Руди Галиндо :gigi:
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и немного из 2008 xD
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thanxs to awesome ppl from ontd_skating <3

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less than perfect
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Когда Новое стучиться в двери.... Открой!

random quotes

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я наткнулась на милую страничку otonal.tumblr.com/

там много всего забавного, но больше всего мне понравились цитаты - многое из этого я не видела.

“Evan has called me Swan since the Olympics for obvious reasons, sometimes he even says ‘Little Swan’ in a Russian accent, but in general, Swan. He even got Tanith saying that. I call Evan Mongoose because at the Olympics we had a joke of always talking in Midwestern, Minnesota, Illinois accents and Mongoose sounds funny if you say it like that. Mongoose is also just a completely different animal than a swan, like Evan and I and it was a cute, funny nickname. Evan didn’t know what a mongoose was, so I had to tell them it’s a rodent that eats snakes like Riki Tiki Tavi and I think he got it. In any event, I have a strange sense of humor and I love that nickname.” — Johnny Weir



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Интервью Джонни радио Петербург

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Джонни рассказывает, о том, как мы его встречали, и о подарке, и вообще чудо-чудо-чудо :heart::heart::heart:

скачать интервью - это аудио, оно небольшое. на русском))))))
спасибо weir.ru

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Джонни и Адам Риппон

Когда Новое стучиться в двери.... Открой!

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спасибо за находку Kid <3

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Во-первых, хотелось бы поприветствовать всех новых членов сообщества и постоянных читателей.
Надеюсь, что вскоре вам захочется не только читать, но и комментировать, и, возможно, самим постить информацию, относящуюся к тематике данного сообщества. Активность всегда приветствуется и помогает делать сообщество более интересным)

Во-вторых, в связи с оставленным сегодня в одной из тем комментарием, мне хочется прояснить ситуацию.
Это сообщество создано слэшером. Как и большинство сообществ на дайри, потому что дайрами правят яойщики. Это местная мафия, и никуда от этого не деться) Поэтому вполне логично, что в обсуждениях превалируют комментарии соответствующей направленности. Мы не в коем случае не навязываем свою точку мнения тем, кто такие вещи не приемлет, но у вас к сожалению только два выхода: смириться и пережить существование слэшеров и их преобладание в этом комьюнити, или нажать кнопку выхода из сообщества. =)
Кроме того, хочется подчеркнуть, что это не фанатское саппорт-сообщество. Мной, создателем сообщества, не ставилась цель поддержания светлого морального облика спортсмена и т.д. и т.п. Это новостное сообщество, где по ходу дела все новости можно еще и обсудить)) Все мы очень любим Джонни, но мы не святые _)) Тут можно смеяться, шутить, обсуждать, сплетничать на разные темы до тех пор, пока разговор интересен его участникам, и является в достаточной мере корректным (читай: холивары не приветствуются).
Если есть еще какие-то вопросы/предложения/возражения, можно изложить их в комментариях к этому посту или в умыло less than perfect

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"...high-functioning sociopath..." (c) SH
Из Твиттера Джонни:

"В недалёком будущем меня ждёт книга."

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Самые счастливые дни на фабрике - первый и твое возвращение (с)

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Johnny Weir Will Not Do Porn — for Now

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окей, довольно старенькая - июль 2009 - но забавная статья xD
После прошлой Олимпиады Джонни предлагали сняться в порно. I wonder в каком :lol:

Johnny Weir Will Not Do Porn — for Now

Figure-skating champion Johnny Weir says the economic slump has put the brakes on sponsorship deals for athletes in non-major-league sports. “It was hard enough anyway, especially for men skaters, but now with the economy the way it is, there’s nothing out there for us,” Weir told us at the Skating With the Stars gala at Wollman Rink last night. He says his federation still pays for travel, and he gets some backing from his ice rink and skate manufacturer, but that’s about it. “Everything else I pay for: costumes, this and that,” Weir says.

But as a sort of iconoclast, Weir knows his is not necessarily the image that mass-market brands go for. “I’m not commercial, I’m not for Special K cereal and I’m not a Wheaties boy; I’m a little bit more avant-garde, a little bit more out there,” he says. So who would be his dream sponsor? “A big fashion company would make me so happy — Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton. Or Teterboro Airport and their private jets.”

But he won’t take just anyone’s money. “Honestly, I got offered to be in a porn once. It was after the Olympics,” Weir says. He turned that offer down, but if this recession drags on, all bets are off. “Maybe in a few years,” he said, laughing. “If things keep getting worse.”


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Long lost Tremor sister

ИИИИХА! я надеюсь на новый сезон Be Good. не говоря о том, что я уже соскучилась по Вьячеславу. :lol:

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less than perfect
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фанвидео с Ламбьелем

За двумя зайцами


Видео, в котором Джонни рассказывает откуда появился Вячеслав Романов


Видео, в котором Ламбьель тискает Джонни на репетиции KOI ^^
UPD. оно же, на ютубе. Я хочу чтобы ВСЕ это посмотрели :lol:

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KOI - выступления, пресс-конференция

less than perfect
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Johnny Weir (с блэкджеком и шлюхами!)