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сегодня Джонни будет на Larry King Live на CNN (ай риалли хоуп забугорные товарищи это запишут xD )

А вот тут можно задать Джонничке вопросы :eyebrow:

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два рандомных прелестных фото Джонничека :gigi:

это Джонничек в Лос-Анджелесе, на RZ studio для каких-то мероприятий, связанных с оскаром.

взято с твиттера @rzrachelzoe

а это Джонничек на фестивале ЛГБТ-фильмов в июле :gigi:

читать дальше

UPD. алсо,

Кроме того, The Independent Spirit Awards сегодня в прямом эфире в 11pm ET (то есть в 7 утра по московскому времени). Красная дорожка в 8pm ET (4 часа утра по московскому) (смотреть тут, тут, или на Myspace).
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Long lost Tremor sister
Johnny at the Independent Spirit Awards

'bout Dancing With the Has-Beens (c) :lol:
"He'll be great on 'Dancing With the Stars' because he works that hard," Weir told Zap2it in an interview at The London Hotel in West Hollywood Friday (March 5). "He'll make himself pretty." (c)

After "Live with Regis and Kelly"- :rom:

Thanks to ontd_skating. ♥

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Long lost Tremor sister
просто потому, что это MADE OF WIN. :bravo::lol:

ну, и объяснение, почему Джонни в последний момент отказался от ЧМ. :lol:

спасибо ontd_skating и юзеру hattin

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Johnny Weir Never Leaves the House Without a Balenciaga Bag
By Denise Warner

Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir, and star of Sundance Channel's 'Be Good Johnny Weir,' is known for his talent as well as his flamboyant fashion on the ice.

Weir talked to PopEater about his show, his favorite skating costumes, and what his future holds after he announced he would not compete at the World Championships in Torino this year.

"I'm going to start writing my book, my life memoir, but only part one, obviously. I'm not old enough to do a life memoir. I want to get the story out there about how I grew up and my family and things because there was a lot of, you know, speculation and hate against me about what I represent and who I am. I wanted to tell my story so that everyone can sort of get it and get where I'm coming from, because nobody actually takes the time to learn anything about anyone anymore, they just make assumptions."

He also dished about his personal style when he's off the ice. "I never leave my house without a Balenciaga bag in whatever color," he tells us.

Джонни о Гаге, Элтоне Джоне, своем стиле, отказе от участия в чемпионате Мира и др.


"And I'm going to perform shows in Russia with Evgeni Plushenko at the end of this month" ОМГ ДА!!!!1

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Johnny in FIT

less than perfect
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Джонни вчера был на встрече с кем-то из FIT - Fashion Institute of Technology, куда он вроде как хочет поступать) чем закончилась встеча, пока не сообщалось.

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слабоумие и отвага
Джонни на твиттере подтвердил, что новая программа будет под Бэд Ромэнс

"Im so excited to be performing for @cutiescitrus Ice Dreams on April 1 in IL. Come see my Bad Romance! www.icedreams2010.com!"


словно нам было мало

Excited to work my version if "Bad Romance" tomorrow.Think gold lamé, chains and buckles.Nice to see Patti and Diane today. Love to all!

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"Короли льда" в Москве и Петербурге

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30 марта в Санкт-Петербурге и 31 марта в Москве состоится шоу "Короли льда".
Будут присутствовать: Джонни Вейр, Стефан Ламбьель, Брайан Жубер, Евгений Плющенко и др.
Премьера новой Джонниной программы на песню Гаги "Bad Romance" пройдет именно там!

если вы не успели приобрести билеты, у вас еще есть шанс :eyebrow:



Заодно можно устроить импровизированный ролл-колл: отметьтесь в комментариях, если вдруг собираетесь посетить мероприятие. Может пересечемся где-нибудь там :eyebrow:

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less than perfect
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Несколько клипов из нового, 8го эпизода BGJW. В нем пойдет речь о чемпионате США - 2010, где происходил отбор в олимпийскую сборную.
Кстати, это будет не последний эпизод. Планируется 9й, посвященный Олимпиаде, выйдет он.. еще неизвестно когда, но вроде как до конца весны :gigi:

#1 - Пэтти (мама) и Диана (тетя) учатся кататься на коньках вместе с Джонни и Галиной накануне Nationals :gigi:
#2 - про квад :lol:
#3 - Вячеслав Романов беседует с Тарой :gigi:
#4 - Джонни Гага Вейр :lol::lol::lol:
#5 - трейлер

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Джонни не смотрит "Танцы со звездами", в которых участвует Эван..

Picture this on the marquee at Madison Square Garden: "Johnny Weir presents: Lady Gaga and Elton John on Ice." No, this vision did not come to us in a glitter-dusted dream. Weir himself revealed his master plan last night at the Cinema Society's screening of Paper Man at the Crosby Street Hotel. "I'm trying to produce my own skating show ... but more like a spectacular, with five or six of the best skaters that I love and Lady Gaga and Elton John performing," he said. "How amazing would that be?!" We didn't bother to answer that highly rhetorical question and instead pressed Johnny for important details, like when can we get tickets? "I want it at Madison Square Garden so we need sponsors," he said. "As long as people get behind my idea, we'll be able to visualize what I want and get that support."

Wearing a sparkling black blazer ("YSL, from the sixties"), Weir told us he already has a fan in Elton, whom he met in his post-Olympic travels. "Meeting Elton John and having him say, 'Oh my God, you were robbed,' that's the coolest thing in the world," he said. Weir would tap the likes of Sasha Cohen and Yu-Na Kim for his skating extravaganza, but don't look for an appearance by his gold-medal-winning rival, Evan Lysacek. "Evan is fine as a person. We've been competitors for years and years and years and that's kinda the forefront to us being people to each other," Weir said. "I think he worked very hard and he deserved that Olympic gold medal and he does a good job. He does his work. But as a person I don't really know him that well and we've never really made the effort to be nice to each other." But surely he must at least watch Lysacek on Dancing With the Stars? "No," Weir said. "And I won't."


.. или смотрит? :gigi:

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Long lost Tremor sister

ИИИИХА! я надеюсь на новый сезон Be Good. не говоря о том, что я уже соскучилась по Вьячеславу. :lol:

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"...high-functioning sociopath..." (c) SH
Из Твиттера Джонни:

"В недалёком будущем меня ждёт книга."

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Johnny Weir on marriage and his upcoming book

Long lost Tremor sister
Apr 15th, 2010 by Cyd Zeigler jr..

I caught up with Johnny Weir as he preps for two big gay fundraisers this weekend in Los Angeles: Saturday at the GLAAD Awards and Sunday at a fundraiser for Equality California. Given his recent work with gay groups, and EQCA in particular, I wanted to know what he really thought about marriage. And his perspective was wonderfully traditional.

I believe as long as you can enter marriage and keep it going until you die, that’s the way to do a marriage. I don’t like the idea of marriage for money or tax breaks. I believe in the right reasons for people to get married: Love, devotion, partnership. If you’re going to get married, you need to be sure that that’s the person you’re going to be with for the rest of your life. But I believe everyone should have the same rights.

He said his traditional perspective on marriage comes from his parents, the high school sweethearts (mom a cheerleader, dad a football player) who have been married Johnny’s whole life.
Still, he’s not sure he’ll end up married one day.

I don’t know if I’m the marrying kind. I’m very much catlike. And sex isn’t that important to me. Partnership is something I have with my family and my friends. My close circle of friends are my partners in crime. I have a certain way I like to live. If someone wanted to be with me, they’d either have to be very dumb or very accepting.

I also asked him about the recent LA Weekly piece that painted Weir as two-faced, on the one hand benefiting from the work of gay-rights groups while at the same time refusing to verbally say whether he is gay.

What year do we live in? Is it not 2010? It’s not 1910. I think the time for labeling people has come to an end. Everyone needs to move on and live in a way that everyone can live together. Whatever your own personal life is, it doesn’t matter. It has no basis on who I am as a person. My sexuality isn’t something I keep sacred but it’s not something I need to defend. I am so thrilled that GLAAD did come to my defense, but it wasn’t only gay groups that came to my defense. For someone to criticize me for not saying yes or no to a question is silly.

However, Weir told me that he will disclose much of his sexual past in a new autobiography that he is writing, which will come out in 2011. He said he’s using the book to tell the full story of Johnny Weir because he can control the message in the book, and because “there are people out there who want to hear that story.”

thanks to ~FABULOUS~ ontd_skating

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Long lost Tremor sister

Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir skated down the red carpet at the GLAAD Media Awards Saturday night (Apr. 17), wearing pair of silver gloves and striking dramatic poses for the photographers.

Weir's personally been helped by GLAAD. "They had my back when I wasn't brought onto the figure skating tour 'Stars on Ice' and they got everyone boycotting Smucker's products and boycotting 'Stars on Ice.' They had my back. It's an amazing thing. I couldn't not be here tonight."

He also talked about his affection and support for the organization that provide a voices for those who don't have one.

"There are so many beautiful people here tonight," he said. "It's so wonderful that everyone comes together to celebrate life and celebrate the differences that make us all unique."


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Релиз книги Джонни назначен на январь 2011.

He’s known for his colorful personality, both on and off the ice. Now, outspoken figure skater Johnny Weir will bring his unique voice to the literary world.

Simon & Schuster imprint Gallery Books announced today that it will publish a yet-to-be-titled book from Weir, featuring a collection of anecdotes and essays on skating, fashion, pop culture and the author himself. It’s scheduled for a January 2011 release. “His book will be all things Johnny — vivacious, stylish, honest and one-of-a-kind,” said Jennifer Bergstrom, vice president and editor-in-chief of Gallery Books, in a statement.

Weir, 25, is a three-time U.S. National Figure Skating champ, World Medalist and two-time U.S. Olympian. He’s also the star of his own reality show, Sundance Channel’s Be Good, Johnny Weir.


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less than perfect
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It's official - серия BGJW посвященная Олимпиаде выйдет 27 июня.

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Long lost Tremor sister
тизер новой программы принцесс Джей.

UPD: There is going to be a professional DVD of it.

UPD 2. - вся программа, но crappy quality

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новое в статье:
- Джонни хочет выступить на VMA со своей песней, поднимаясь из-под сцены на небольшом островке льда :gigi:
- Джонни участвует в прослушивании в одно американское шоу HBO - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/An_American_Family

Johnny Weir's New Goal: To Sing at the VMAs
By Rennie Dyball

Monday May 03, 2010 01:45 PM EDT

Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir is making a big leap.

The three-time U.S. champion – who recently declared war with fellow skater Evan Lysacek – has been keeping very busy off the ice.

"I'm going to record a song in May, just for fun," Weir, 25, told PEOPLE at the Ice Theater of New York, where he opened the season on April 29. "I know I'm not a legitimate, real singer, but I can still rock it like Britney."

The song, called "Dirty Love," came about when a producer approached him after the Olympics, and Weir's got big dreams for it.

"I've been working a lot on my voice – if I only do one song in my life, I want it to be a huge success," he says. "My main goal is to perform it at the VMAs. I want to come out on a little circle of ice from underneath the stage or something crazy like that!"

Meanwhile, Weir, who says he's "unsure" if he'll continue to compete in figure skating, continues to work on his upcoming book, which is due in January and should prove to be just as dramatic as its author.

"It's my story and my side of things ... my values, the way I grew up and how that shaped me," says Weir. "I want to be very honest and frank about the politics of figure skating, the people and the behind-the-scenes dealings I've had. And [it's about] different relationships, whether it be a family member or someone I lost my virginity to," he adds with a laugh.

Weir is also considering a second season of his Sundance Channel series, Be Good Johnny Weir, and auditioning for an HBO film about the original reality-TV stars, Loud family.

"People talk about how trashy it is to use 15 minutes of fame, but I'm trying to pursue all of this in a professional way and do the best I can," says Weir. "I don' t care if I fail. I just have fun trying to do these things."


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The moment has come.

Long lost Tremor sister


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Fendi fashion show in Las Vegas

Long lost Tremor sister
ну и кто скажет, что Жоня не модель? :bravo:

thnx ontd_skating

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Johnny Weir (с блэкджеком и шлюхами!)