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DOUG ELFMAN: Naughty, naughty girls being real bad

Johnny Weir has the best idea of the week. He wants to bring a show to Vegas called "The Bad Girls of Skating," co-starring Tonya Harding, Nicole Bobek and other naughties.

"Get 'em all out there in bustiers and fishnets," he tells me.

Weir, Olympic skater and star of the Sundance Channel's "Be Good Johnny Weir," wants the skaters to re-create their bad-girl moments in front of paying crowds.

"It's perfect for Vegas," he says. "I've gotten really close to Kelly Osbourne. I know she would like to be involved. It would be amazing."

He sees "Bad Girls" as a summer show, this year or next. As for a location, he'd like to "see who can cut me a deal," he says and laughs.

Sadly, the Vegas idea is his "secondary" priority. His first concern is to try to put together a New York winter show. He explains:

"I want Lady Gaga singing over here, and Elton John singing over there, and Cirque du Soleil hanging from chandeliers, and fashion, and Johnny, and singing! I want it to be an old-fashioned spectacular."

Weir tells me all this at Caesars over the weekend. What's his favorite thing about Vegas? The helpful "ladies" at the Chanel, Fendi and Prada stores, of course.

"You don't get more strip mall, high fashion than Vegas. I love it," he says. "In New York, you have to (taxi) everywhere to go where you want. Here, it's all right where you need it."


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Long lost Tremor sister
от скуки запощу. от автора знаменитого Рубикона, кстати. :heart:


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Fendi fashion show in Las Vegas

Long lost Tremor sister
ну и кто скажет, что Жоня не модель? :bravo:

thnx ontd_skating

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Worlds 2008 fluff

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thanxs to ontd_skating

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88 for AIDS II

less than perfect
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At a gorgeous penthouse residence in Soho last night, the 88 for AIDS benefit featured an array of musical talents helping to raise money for next weekend's AIDS Walk. Non-musical but still talented were hosts Andy Cohen of Bravo and everybody’s favorite ice-skating-flame-turned-reality star, Johnny Weir.

As guests guzzled cocktails and checked out the view from the roof deck of the palatial pad Weir was rolling deep with a posse of hefty fan girls (Weir devotees are known as "Johnny's Angels"), each toting their favorite shot of the envelope-pushing style maven. Far more gracious than the press paints him to be, Weir signed them all.

Muscling through the convention of fans to get to Weir was difficult as was trying to take our eyes off of his bejeweled bolero, which he helpfully explained was “marigold” (We thought mango sherbet, but who are we to correct a fashionable Olympian?) Though short on time, Johnny told us he does in fact have a few Next Magazines lying around his New Jersey pad, drolly qupping “Been there, sucked that!” Which had the gaggle of gals rolling with a chuckle if not a moment of head-scratching.

Though the night was a starry, glamorous blur, we did finally get a side-by-side shot of Weir with his non-celebrity doppelganger (and our dear friend) Justin Welch. We’re used to seeing Welch at Sugarland dancing on a table with a bedazzled cardigan thrown over his shoulders so next to Weir he looked positively conservative in his suit and skinny tie. Oh to be a fly on the wall during a shopping date with those two! —Christopher Dilley


осторожно, картинка ОЧЕНЬ HQ xD

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88 for AIDS

less than perfect
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thanxs to ontd_skating <3

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Lifeskate interview with Johnny at Figure Skating in Harlem

Long lost Tremor sister
Talks about his future plans, emotions during and post-Olympics, and about all the nudity on BGJW.

I just started bawling, and I cried for 30 minutes. (c) aww, poor bb. :weep::heart:

thanks ontd_skating.

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Johnny @ GLAAD [red carpet interview]

I don’t have any answers and I stole the questions from someone else
Джонни @ 4:45

it's so my boobies don't fall out! (c)

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the Kentucky Derby

less than perfect
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видео интервью с красной дорожки


согласно сообщению на твиттере, Жоня выйграл денюжку, поставив на Super Saver :rom:

Пишет Клэр.:
02.05.2010 в 23:12

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It wouldn't be the Kentucky Derby without a tall crystal glass of sweet tea with just a hint of mint to give your tongue the tingles. Johnny Weir quenched the thirst of dry mouthed bitches when he hit the red carpet at the Kentucky Derby yesterday dressed like a fancy Bravo reality star (I'm looking at you, Dwight) going to a drag queen's funeral.

This is the first time in the history of the Kentucky Derby that the race ended early and a winner was not declared. That's because as soon all the horses spotted Johnny in the audience, they sprouted wings, pushed a crystal horn out of their heads and flew off towards the land of rainbows and glitter. Johnny freed them!

(с) Dlisted
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не буду перегружать предыдущий пост.

вся программа целиком в хорошем качестве :inlove:

I knew Johnny Weir couldn't stay off the ice for too long! With all his media appearances of late, I was beginning to think, "Is is possible Johnny will now devote all his time to really becoming a media personality?" Whew, boy was I glad to be 100% wrong.

Johnny was the headliner at Ice Theatre of New York's 2010 Home Season Opening Night and this is his first ice appearance in NYC post-Olympics. Founded in 1984 by Moira North, Ice Theatre of New York (ITNY) is a not-for-profit ice dance company which merges ice skating and dance in traditional and avant-garde ways. If you want to see wonderful examples of both, I recently did a piece about their free lunch time concert series at Rockefeller Skating Rink, so click here if you'd like to watch.

Johnny created a new piece called Heartbroken to celebrate ITNY's home season opening night. In addition, he also performed fan-favorite Bad Romance by Lady Gaga.

фото вечера:

про фото с пончиками:
Just as Johnny is getting ready to leave, 2 dozen of cupcakes are suddenly brought into the reception area. We go back into the lobby and turns out, Johnny is right behind us. Tara announces that she needs photos of Johnny with the cupcakes.

Long story short, as they are leaving, I touch Johnny and ask if I may have one. So he almost RUNS after the guys carrying them and I hear him say "Wait. I need to get a cupcake for Maggie"!

He comes back and he's brought me an "OH DADDY" one. I gently brushed his hand as I took and and sighed "Oh, DADDY!". Johnny grinned and then left.

(с) с фейсбука

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Long lost Tremor sister
тизер новой программы принцесс Джей.

UPD: There is going to be a professional DVD of it.

UPD 2. - вся программа, но crappy quality

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Wendy Williams Show

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Вчера было опубликовано интервью Эвана, в котором ему задали следующий вопрос:

Fellow American Olympic skater Johnny Weir has said he feels snubbed by “Stars on Ice” because his sexual orientation wasn’t “family-friendly enough.” Thoughts?
“Stars on Ice” is really selective of who they hire and they only hire the best of the best to skate. It would’ve been hard of them to justify hiring him, and I think he was really upset because he wanted the financial benefit of the tour. A lot of us in the skating world were really disappointed in the way he reacted, basically whining that he wasn’t chosen.


сегодня мы получили комментарий заечки на это высказывание :gigi: :lol:

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проститутка в квадрате короче xDD

UPD полное интервью

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Лучше поздно, чем никогда

Для тех, кто не видел/не знает - по американскому tv прошедший ЧМ показывали с комментариями Джонни ( периодически забегали и другие фигуристы, но who cares ))) - и, имхо, это стоит посмотреть.

Замечательные люди в нашем любимом ontd все это записали и выложили - здесь (пост открыт для участников сообщества). Если лень вступать, то можно скачать с mediafire. Там видео и аудио-версии (рекомендую все-таки смотреть)).
Если и скачивать не хочется, то оно же на youtube, но это уже не от ontd и качество хуже, чем в первых ссылках.
А здесь есть цитаты оттуда, если кому нужно.
Просто так - несколько моих мини-капсов для затравки:


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новые outtakes из BGJW

Жоня в парикмахерской - Did u just call me a dude? XD
Джонни, Тара и Боз в ресторане - Джонни помогает брату выбрать водку :gigi:
Жоня и пилатес
Петренко раздает автографы
Жоня после шоу в похерфейсовском костюме. Johnny(in his costume)to his mom: "Ok let's go before the hockey people come and beat me up."
Пэрису накладывают мейкап и он говорит о том, что они с Джонни называют друг друга Никки и Пэрис.

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Chaz Bono & Johnny Weir at the 21st Annual GLAAD Media Awards in LA

count of casualty
Наканецта выступление =))

thanks ontd_skating, есессна.

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с 0.30

More Gay Movies & Entertainment News

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GLAAD awards

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еще одно видео - про DWTS, "don't ask don't tell" military policy, etc.
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UPD. one mooooar мини-интервью.

Johnny on his gloves: "They're like a metallic silver oil slick that I was sloshing through to get here"

On Lysacek: "You know, we've always been competitors. I don't know the dirt and the nitty gritty. We've never been close. I mean, I have no reason to be close with him. He has his life and I have mine."

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Johnny at Equality California #2

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решила не перегружать тот пост.

It's very important that when you attend a political fundraiser, you gather at a place of incredible, filthy wealth. Which is how I found myself at the stunning Sowden House, a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home in Hollywood. The event was for marriage equality, but I had only one thing on my mind: MEET JOHNNY WEIR.

After about a half-hour of making conversation in a sea of botox, I looked up and saw something even more stunning than the house -- a gazelle in low heels, black leggings, a blazer and a Tiffany shopping bag. Johnny. He was standing about ten feet away, surrounded by friends. His lawyer, who I knew slightly, was with him.

So I snuck up next to his lawyer and begged, "Introduce me to Johnny." He made a very nice introduction and then Johnny looked at me and said, "That's SO gay! That's SO gay!" Wow. Cloud nine.

I wanted to make my time with him as efficient as possible, so I asked if he was in LA that often and could he come by Current sometime so we could do something together. "I'm in LA every so often. But you know me, girl, I'm everywhere." I normally wouldn’t love someone calling me "girl," but with Johnny, it felt right.


+ речь, на которую я давала ссылку вконтакте - на ютубе.

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Johnny at Equality California

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.. And this community, us, our people, are the ones that make it [world] fucking gorgeous!
So no matter how much people pushed down on us, no matter how much people tried to direct the attention of the world onto them, and how much they hate people that are different. Not just, you know, the gay community - also african-american people, jewish people. My beautiful agent is a jewish woman and had trouble in her life for being jewish. I mean, there are so many things that people focus on, and it's always sort of WHAT a person is, and not WHO that person is. And I think it's so important - especially now, it's 2010, - to focus on who we are, and who we love. If, you know, I want to get married tomorrow, to a woman or to a man, whatever makes me happy, I'm gonna try to do it, I wanna have the freedom to do it. Everyone should have the freedom to do that.

+1 видео

Джонни и тот самый mr. bryan safi
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+4 фото с приема

спасибо ontd_skating и weirsjohnny

Речь Джонни полностью вконтакте => vkontakte.ru/video-117997_142727433
оттуда же перевод на русский:
Для меня большая честь быть здесь и иметь возможность «продвигать» такое замечательное мероприятие . Для меня как для спортсмена и человека главным всегда было достичь наивысшей точки прекрасного в моей жизни. И это важно не только для подрастающего поколения ,которое за этим наблюдает (мужик подходит-прим.)) Ой, извините, я держал микрофон ближе к животу.Я голоден =))Ой, мне надо все повторить? (голос из зала: Да!) Как спортсмен я всегда стремился делать все отлично, красиво. И очень хорошо, что это могло стать примером для молодого поколения. Но в то же время это открыло глаза и многим родителям, людям постарше. Например, моей бабушке, которая видела своего внука в кристаллах Сваровски. читать дальше
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Johnny Weir (с блэкджеком и шлюхами!)