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Weir lends a hand at "88 for AIDS" benefit

Skater still undecided about competitive future

By Lynn Rutherford, special to icenetwork.com
(05/07/2010) - Johnny Weir may be taking time away from the ice, but he's still workin' it.

Johnny Weir is everywhere these days -- opening The Ice Theatre of New York's season, posing in a black picture hat at the Kentucky Derby and parrying with talk show hosts.

Last night, he took time out to lend a hand at "88 for AIDS," a musical reception to support GMHC's (Gay Men's Health Crisis) AIDS Walk NY, held in a downtown Manhattan loft.

"He does make the rounds, doesn't he?" said Andy Cohen, the BRAVO TV production chief and Real Housewives guru who co-hosted the event with Weir. "I think I've run into him three times in the last few weeks."
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Whatever his decision, Weir got some encouragement from an unlikely source: former world champion Brian Joubert, who placed a humbling 16th in Vancouver but fought back to win bronze at worlds.

"We did a few shows together in Russia, and Brian inspired me. He sat me down and said, 'You don't do anything wrong; you skate great. We both need to keep skating.'"


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88 for AIDS II

less than perfect
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At a gorgeous penthouse residence in Soho last night, the 88 for AIDS benefit featured an array of musical talents helping to raise money for next weekend's AIDS Walk. Non-musical but still talented were hosts Andy Cohen of Bravo and everybody’s favorite ice-skating-flame-turned-reality star, Johnny Weir.

As guests guzzled cocktails and checked out the view from the roof deck of the palatial pad Weir was rolling deep with a posse of hefty fan girls (Weir devotees are known as "Johnny's Angels"), each toting their favorite shot of the envelope-pushing style maven. Far more gracious than the press paints him to be, Weir signed them all.

Muscling through the convention of fans to get to Weir was difficult as was trying to take our eyes off of his bejeweled bolero, which he helpfully explained was “marigold” (We thought mango sherbet, but who are we to correct a fashionable Olympian?) Though short on time, Johnny told us he does in fact have a few Next Magazines lying around his New Jersey pad, drolly qupping “Been there, sucked that!” Which had the gaggle of gals rolling with a chuckle if not a moment of head-scratching.

Though the night was a starry, glamorous blur, we did finally get a side-by-side shot of Weir with his non-celebrity doppelganger (and our dear friend) Justin Welch. We’re used to seeing Welch at Sugarland dancing on a table with a bedazzled cardigan thrown over his shoulders so next to Weir he looked positively conservative in his suit and skinny tie. Oh to be a fly on the wall during a shopping date with those two! —Christopher Dilley


осторожно, картинка ОЧЕНЬ HQ xD

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Lifeskate interview with Johnny at Figure Skating in Harlem

Long lost Tremor sister
Talks about his future plans, emotions during and post-Olympics, and about all the nudity on BGJW.

I just started bawling, and I cried for 30 minutes. (c) aww, poor bb. :weep::heart:

thanks ontd_skating.

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новое в статье:
- Джонни хочет выступить на VMA со своей песней, поднимаясь из-под сцены на небольшом островке льда :gigi:
- Джонни участвует в прослушивании в одно американское шоу HBO - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/An_American_Family

Johnny Weir's New Goal: To Sing at the VMAs
By Rennie Dyball

Monday May 03, 2010 01:45 PM EDT

Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir is making a big leap.

The three-time U.S. champion – who recently declared war with fellow skater Evan Lysacek – has been keeping very busy off the ice.

"I'm going to record a song in May, just for fun," Weir, 25, told PEOPLE at the Ice Theater of New York, where he opened the season on April 29. "I know I'm not a legitimate, real singer, but I can still rock it like Britney."

The song, called "Dirty Love," came about when a producer approached him after the Olympics, and Weir's got big dreams for it.

"I've been working a lot on my voice – if I only do one song in my life, I want it to be a huge success," he says. "My main goal is to perform it at the VMAs. I want to come out on a little circle of ice from underneath the stage or something crazy like that!"

Meanwhile, Weir, who says he's "unsure" if he'll continue to compete in figure skating, continues to work on his upcoming book, which is due in January and should prove to be just as dramatic as its author.

"It's my story and my side of things ... my values, the way I grew up and how that shaped me," says Weir. "I want to be very honest and frank about the politics of figure skating, the people and the behind-the-scenes dealings I've had. And [it's about] different relationships, whether it be a family member or someone I lost my virginity to," he adds with a laugh.

Weir is also considering a second season of his Sundance Channel series, Be Good Johnny Weir, and auditioning for an HBO film about the original reality-TV stars, Loud family.

"People talk about how trashy it is to use 15 minutes of fame, but I'm trying to pursue all of this in a professional way and do the best I can," says Weir. "I don' t care if I fail. I just have fun trying to do these things."


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интересное интервью, краткое содержание:
- Джонни говорит, что в своей книге расскажет о многом, в т.ч. как потерял девственность.
- Джонни о своем подмигивании на шоу Челси
- Джонни называет Эвана двуличным
- Дж. говорит, что дважды голосовал за Эвана на "Танцах со звездами".
- Дж. не знает, будет ли соревноваться в следующем году - все зависит от того, как пойдут дела с FIT
- Дж. о своей новой песне, и о том, что он знает, что не певец, но хочет повеселиться. И будет стараться не использовать autotune

The rivalry between figure skaters Johnny Weir and Evan Lysacek – which has been called a real-life version of “Blades of Glory” – hasn’t cooled since the Vancouver Olympics. Earlier this week, Lysacek, who won the Olympic gold medal and is currently competing on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars,” said that Weir wasn’t asked to participate in the “Smucker’s Stars on Ice” tour because his skating wasn’t up to snuff. (Other skaters on the tour include Olympic silver medalist Sasha Cohen and Rachel Flatt, who placed 7th at the Games.) Weir responded by calling Lysacek a “slore” – that’s a cross between a slut and whore – in an appearance on “The Wendy Williams Show.”

Aside from riling up his arch nemesis, Weir has been keeping busy these days with a variety of projects. He recently signed a book deal with Simon & Schuster to pen a memoir and he’s planning his own figure skating “spectacular” (which he says would ideally co-star Elton John and Lady Gaga). His Sundance Channel reality show, “Be Good, Johnny Weir,” airs its final episode on June 27.

Speakeasy caught up with Weir at New York’s Chelsea Piers shortly before he performed an ice dancing routine to Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” as part of the Ice Theater of New York. Weir, who was carrying a fluorescent yellow Balenciega handbag and wearing shiny silver loafers, told us about his possible plans to attend FIT, his forays into the music business – and how he’ll make figure skating more high fashion.

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пост в блоге Perez Hilton

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возвращаясь к теме нового раунда войны Лайсачек vs Вейр

согласно комментариям людей, которые были на шоу в Нью-Йорке и общались с Патти, Джонни на шоу у Венди Виллиамс услышал комментарии Эвана впервые. так что реакция вполнее объяснимая.

Журнал People выпустил статью, где описываются события очередной ссоры Ивана Ивановича с Иваном Никифоровичем. Лайсачек заявил, что позволил личному отношению повлиять на его оценку Джонни, и что ему не следовало отвечать на этот вопрос:

When skating rivals Evan Lysacek and Johnny Weir were battling for a spot on the Olympic podium at the Vancouver Winter Games in February, Weir remarked that showdown would be a great "catfight."

The dust-up intensified this week off the ice as Olympic gold medalist Lysacek, competing on Dancing with the Stars, and Weir, a three-time U.S. Champion, traded slurs and barbs.

"We are at war," Weir told PEOPLE on Thursday. "My claws are out."

The latest round of mudslinging began when Lysacek suggested earlier this week that a lack of talent kept Weir off the cast of the traveling Smucker's Stars on Ice. "They only hire the best of the best to skate," Lysacek told the Indianapolis Star. "A lot of us in the skating world were really disappointed in the way he reacted, basically whining that he wasn't chosen."

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Slore war by Entertaiment Weekly:
An abridged version of The Slore War, currently staged between two American ice lords with a fondness for things that are Russian:

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UPD. цитата из этой статьи:
Lysacek explains his outburst: "Since the Olympics, I've dealt with Johnny's questioning my integrity and sexuality, and I've never spoken out on my own behalf no matter how hurtful those things may have been. I should have known better."

речь идет об этом интервью Джонни, где он очень двусмысленно подмигнул Челси на вопрос о бывшей девушке Эвана.
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Wendy Williams Show

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Вчера было опубликовано интервью Эвана, в котором ему задали следующий вопрос:

Fellow American Olympic skater Johnny Weir has said he feels snubbed by “Stars on Ice” because his sexual orientation wasn’t “family-friendly enough.” Thoughts?
“Stars on Ice” is really selective of who they hire and they only hire the best of the best to skate. It would’ve been hard of them to justify hiring him, and I think he was really upset because he wanted the financial benefit of the tour. A lot of us in the skating world were really disappointed in the way he reacted, basically whining that he wasn’t chosen.


сегодня мы получили комментарий заечки на это высказывание :gigi: :lol:

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проститутка в квадрате короче xDD

UPD полное интервью

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In this exclusive interview with FULL FRONTAL FASHION, Johnny Weir once again talks to Bradford Shellhammer about Hollywood fashion, meeting Elton John, and his possible fashion career.

When you were in L.A. for the Spirit Awards, did anyone surprise you?

Jodie Foster. That was amazing to see her, and no one told me she was going to be there. She was just standing there in a pair of jeans looking demure. She was meek, almost. That impressed me.

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glaad red carpet interview

less than perfect
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B&TF: How did you become so fascinated with Russian culture and language?

JW: It was born in me. There’s something so special about Russia from the first time I ever heard the name Russia. Of course it was USSR when I was born. Everything that I’ve heard fascinated me. I had a book, it was called, “Russia and her states”, because here they called them states, not republics. I was so interested in learning about the tsars, and the alphabet. I started to draw the characters from the alphabet and it was something that was so special to me. Really, Russia lives in my heart.

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less than perfect
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Wonderwall stayed up late last night to attend the launch of our new sister site, Glo, at the Cooper Square hotel in New York City and bumped into our favorite Olympic figure skater, Johnny Weir! The always personable Mr. Weir gabbed our ears off about his burgeoning music career, how he'd style Lady GaGa and his style advice for spring.

Wonderwall: We heard you're working on your first single, is that true?

Johnny Weir: Yes. I'm working with Lucien Piane [known online as RevoLucian]. He's RuPaul's producer. He put together a song for me called "Dirty Love," after he saw me skate in the Olympics. So I'm going to be singing this song "Dirty Love." We're currently going over some lyrics and fixing things up a bit and after everything's finished in May I'm actually going back out to L.A. and starting to record it.

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спасибо weirsjohnny <3

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less than perfect
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I’ve become a Johnny Weir groupie.

I’m completely charmed and dazzled by this gifted Olympian who most certainly marches to his own drummer.

At the GLAAD Media Awards over the weekend, I got to gab with Johnny a bit and he could not have been nicer.

Here is our chat:

Q. You’re such a hero the way you conducted yourself at the Olympics in the face of some difficult circumstances. Where did that strength come from?

A. I find that I’m very strong and that’s something that was instilled in me by my parents. They never told me not to do something or to do it this way, they always pushed my brother and I to do everything the way we thought was right. When you don’t have the constant badgering from family and friends, then you tend to grow and be unique and strong in who you are.

I’ve fallen down more than I’d like to admit in life but I always get up, and I always dust myself off and I keep moving because my parents taught me that.

Q. Your performance in the long program at the Olympics was superb. I could not believe the judges ranked you sixth. How did you feel about your scores?

A. There’s a lot of politics in figure skating and there was already an American assured of a medal when I took the ice. So that, in a way, was already the first nail in the coffin of me not winning a medal at the Olympics. Of course I was so upset and so depressed that I didn’t win a medal. But at the same time, I did the best I could. I rocked. I did the best that I possibly could, I took that audience on a journey and that’s the best that I could have done.

A medal was something that I could not control at all but of course, as an athlete, we don’t like to lose.

Q. It was the performance of a lifetime.

A. It was. It was the performance of my lifetime, probably the best performance I’ll ever give.

Q. Are you enjoying yourself now post-Olympics?

A. I’m so enjoying my life, I’m so enjoying my ribcage (gestures as his skimpy, ribcage baring shirt).

Q. Everyone pays attention to everything you say now. You make a little remark on Chelsea Lately about [Olympic Gold Medalist] Evan Lysacek and it’s all over the place. Some thought when you winked at Chelsea you were confirming that you think Evan is gay. Anything you want to say about that?

A. Well, the Evan situation, I was kind of winking at Chelsea to stop and people misconstrued it as me implying something that I wasn’t implying. I don’t know Evan well enough to say anything about his personal life.


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LA Talk Radio

less than perfect
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www.latalkradio.com/Terry.php - интервью Джонни LA Talk Radio.
можно скачать или послушать на сайте. начинается примерно с 87 минуты.

- I love my penis! (c) JW о высказывании комментаторов, что ему надо пройти тест на определение пола.
Ну и еще раз он говорит, что, я так понимаю, он собирается совершить каминг аут в своей книге. По-крайней мере, что он собирается говорить о своем сексуальном прошлом.

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LA Times interview

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Johnny Weir loves Balenciaga bags, supports same-sex marriage and addresses that Kate Gosselin rumor

Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir is flamboyant and proud of it. He'll never leave his home in Lyndhurst, N.J., without his turquoise Balenciaga work bag and Linda Farrow sunglasses.

No one can deny that the figure skater causes a sensation whether he hits the ice or the red carpet with his Ziggy Stardust outfits, gravity-defying pompadour and war paint. But Weir's ostrich feathers and reported diva-like behavior might overshadow his accomplishments -- Weir placed sixth overall at the Vancouver Winter Olympics -- and generated less than favorable publicity.

Weir will be the guest of honor at a cocktail fundraiser for Equality California, in support of marriage for same-sex couples, on Sunday (April 18) at the Lloyd Wright’s Sowden house in Los Feliz.
All the Rage caught up with Weir in advance of his appearance to chat about his other passion besides figure skating: “I love style, and I love fashion.” he says. “I walk down the street in Lancaster, Pa. [his hometown], completely decked out."

You love fashion. Any prospect for Johnny "Wear” to hit the racks?

I definitely want to get a clothing line off the ground, but I need a lot of leg work. You don’t want to be somebody that has someone else make them a line of clothing and put their name on it. I want to be sewing buttons and putting fur trim on things myself.

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-- Max Padilla

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Интервью Джонни радио Петербург

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Джонни рассказывает, о том, как мы его встречали, и о подарке, и вообще чудо-чудо-чудо :heart::heart::heart:

скачать интервью - это аудио, оно небольшое. на русском))))))
спасибо weir.ru

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Johnny Weir Will Not Do Porn — for Now

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окей, довольно старенькая - июль 2009 - но забавная статья xD
После прошлой Олимпиады Джонни предлагали сняться в порно. I wonder в каком :lol:

Johnny Weir Will Not Do Porn — for Now

Figure-skating champion Johnny Weir says the economic slump has put the brakes on sponsorship deals for athletes in non-major-league sports. “It was hard enough anyway, especially for men skaters, but now with the economy the way it is, there’s nothing out there for us,” Weir told us at the Skating With the Stars gala at Wollman Rink last night. He says his federation still pays for travel, and he gets some backing from his ice rink and skate manufacturer, but that’s about it. “Everything else I pay for: costumes, this and that,” Weir says.

But as a sort of iconoclast, Weir knows his is not necessarily the image that mass-market brands go for. “I’m not commercial, I’m not for Special K cereal and I’m not a Wheaties boy; I’m a little bit more avant-garde, a little bit more out there,” he says. So who would be his dream sponsor? “A big fashion company would make me so happy — Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton. Or Teterboro Airport and their private jets.”

But he won’t take just anyone’s money. “Honestly, I got offered to be in a porn once. It was after the Olympics,” Weir says. He turned that offer down, but if this recession drags on, all bets are off. “Maybe in a few years,” he said, laughing. “If things keep getting worse.”


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Джонни не смотрит "Танцы со звездами", в которых участвует Эван..

Picture this on the marquee at Madison Square Garden: "Johnny Weir presents: Lady Gaga and Elton John on Ice." No, this vision did not come to us in a glitter-dusted dream. Weir himself revealed his master plan last night at the Cinema Society's screening of Paper Man at the Crosby Street Hotel. "I'm trying to produce my own skating show ... but more like a spectacular, with five or six of the best skaters that I love and Lady Gaga and Elton John performing," he said. "How amazing would that be?!" We didn't bother to answer that highly rhetorical question and instead pressed Johnny for important details, like when can we get tickets? "I want it at Madison Square Garden so we need sponsors," he said. "As long as people get behind my idea, we'll be able to visualize what I want and get that support."

Wearing a sparkling black blazer ("YSL, from the sixties"), Weir told us he already has a fan in Elton, whom he met in his post-Olympic travels. "Meeting Elton John and having him say, 'Oh my God, you were robbed,' that's the coolest thing in the world," he said. Weir would tap the likes of Sasha Cohen and Yu-Na Kim for his skating extravaganza, but don't look for an appearance by his gold-medal-winning rival, Evan Lysacek. "Evan is fine as a person. We've been competitors for years and years and years and that's kinda the forefront to us being people to each other," Weir said. "I think he worked very hard and he deserved that Olympic gold medal and he does a good job. He does his work. But as a person I don't really know him that well and we've never really made the effort to be nice to each other." But surely he must at least watch Lysacek on Dancing With the Stars? "No," Weir said. "And I won't."


.. или смотрит? :gigi:

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Пресс-конференция в Питере 30 марта

Как известно, жизнь хитра. Когда у тебя на руках все козыри, она начинает играть в шахматы…

ps: ю-ху!! с тристаписятого раза оно наконец-то видно!

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Johnny Weir on Chelsea Lately

less than perfect
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Краткое содержание: Челси все время называет Джоничека геем, нападает на Россию. а Джоничек "Insinuates Evan Lysacek is Gay". :bravo:
Самое обсуждаемое интервью последнего времени.

тут можно скачать всю программу Челси, включая интервью с Джонни.

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The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Long lost Tremor sister
Johnny Weir talks Olympic experience and growing up in Amish country.

и дополнительно:


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полное интервью с Joy Behar

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Johnny Weir (с блэкджеком и шлюхами!)