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запись интервью (но не дословная):

We caught up with Olympian Ice Skater Johnny Weir at GMHC’s 88 for AIDS benefit last Thursday, and he gave us the scoop on his budding musical career, his book, and his penchant for purses.

The origins of the ‘Dirty Love’ song

“Lucian contacted me after the Olympics… actually through Facebook… and he was like, ‘I’ve written a song for you.’ We finished the lyrics two days ago, and I’m going to Vegas tomorrow morning, but after that I’m going straight to L.A. to record the song.”

Ideas for the ‘Dirty Love’ music video

“There’ll be love interests in the video… I want it to be very dark, almost. But I’ll be in white.”

On his book to be released in January, 2011

“And of course, there’s going to be some scandal in the book. There are a lot of things that have happened to me in the skating world that people should know that happened.”

The most surprising thing readers will take away from his book

“Somehow I have a reputation as kind of a very diva-like bitch… But I think from my book you’ll see that I grew up with very good values.”

Johnny Weir’s must-haves

1. Balenciaga bags – “I always, always, always have a bag. And it’s a purse. I’m not even going to try to hide it. I carry purses. In general, they’re Balenciaga. I have different colors that got sent to me from fans all around the world, and I’m up to like 17, and I only bought three for myself.”
2. Jeggings – “I don’t like dress pants.”
3. Chanel watches
4. Champagne
5. Rimawa suitcases – “I travel so much now, I feel like I live out of my suitcases… They’re kind of my lifeline right now.”
6. Pointy shoes – “I have small feet, and I like to make them look longer.”

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2010-05-11 в 02:05 

А теперь то, что от тебя осталось, может идти.
нет, меня это умиляет:lol:
"SOMEHOW I have a reputation as kind of a very diva-like bitch… "
действительно, с чего бы это, Джо? :susp::lol:
"i don't know why, i don't know who started it"
я уже не могу, живот болит ржать:lol:

не, ну я понимаю, что он хочет сказать, но все-таки))))))

2010-05-11 в 05:48 

resourceful octopus from the madhouse on madison
"Я буду в белом"
Ыыыыыыы %))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


Johnny Weir (с блэкджеком и шлюхами!)