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Being an occasional insomniac, I often find myself discovering shows on the tube at the oddest hours. Usually it's reruns of Cold Case which I've already seen or infomercials on how you can lose half your bodyweight in three months with some odd shaped machine that resembles a mini flying saucer. Then there are the days, or nights rather that you stumble upon a show that really captures your interest. Be Good Johnny Weir on the Sundance Channel was one of those shows that reeled me in. The show follows the life of Johnny who is a three time U.S. figure skating champion and World Medalist. I fell in love with Johnny because true, he is stylish, independent, and a fierce skater on ice, but he is also clearly someone with a heart of gold who works extremely hard, loves the people around him, and with all the pressure of skating perfect, being fit, and looking fabulous, he always remains true to who he is and lives his dream and passion.
So what a nice dessert it was to see of all people, Johnny Weir strolling down the red carpet following the entree of Chefs at Bon Appetit Vegas Uncork'd Weekend. All the culinary giants of Wynn/Encore, Caesars, MGM Grand, Venetian/Palazzo such as Bobby Flay, Guy Savoy, Charlie Palmer, and Hubert Keller took center stage, but I have to admit that I was extra thrilled to see Johnny strutting his stuff. Perhaps it was that neon yellow Balenciaga le dix bag Johnny was rockin' in the midst of all the chef's whites. Who knows...but I know that I was treated again to Johnny co-hosting the FENDI Fashion Feast Gala at the Bellagio the following night. We will have all the highlights of the event in the next following posts here on Food Fashionista, but for now, enjoy Johnny and I having a little chat on the red carpet.



DOUG ELFMAN: Naughty, naughty girls being real bad

Johnny Weir has the best idea of the week. He wants to bring a show to Vegas called "The Bad Girls of Skating," co-starring Tonya Harding, Nicole Bobek and other naughties.

"Get 'em all out there in bustiers and fishnets," he tells me.

Weir, Olympic skater and star of the Sundance Channel's "Be Good Johnny Weir," wants the skaters to re-create their bad-girl moments in front of paying crowds.

"It's perfect for Vegas," he says. "I've gotten really close to Kelly Osbourne. I know she would like to be involved. It would be amazing."

He sees "Bad Girls" as a summer show, this year or next. As for a location, he'd like to "see who can cut me a deal," he says and laughs.

Sadly, the Vegas idea is his "secondary" priority. His first concern is to try to put together a New York winter show. He explains:

"I want Lady Gaga singing over here, and Elton John singing over there, and Cirque du Soleil hanging from chandeliers, and fashion, and Johnny, and singing! I want it to be an old-fashioned spectacular."

Weir tells me all this at Caesars over the weekend. What's his favorite thing about Vegas? The helpful "ladies" at the Chanel, Fendi and Prada stores, of course.

"You don't get more strip mall, high fashion than Vegas. I love it," he says. "In New York, you have to (taxi) everywhere to go where you want. Here, it's all right where you need it."


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