Figure Skater Johnny Weir Is Dropping A New Single ‘Dirty Love!’

Long lost Tremor sister

Johnny has already dominated men’s figure skating NOW he wants to try out his other strength … SINGING!

Johnny Weir, is temporarily hanging up his figure skates to lay down some tracks! We spoke with the the three-time U.S. National Men’s figure skating Champion at the Sex and the City 2 premiere in NYC May 24 and he spilled his next move! He tells HollywoodLife.com he teamed up with RuPaul’s producer, Lucian Piane to record a single called ‘Dirty Love.’

“I wrote the lyrics,” says Johnny. “This is something I always wanted to do, and Lucian had a beat already made so I was like I’ll write some words and we’ll sing it! And it’s actually really good.”

But why is it called ‘Dirty Love?’ “When you think dirty love you think automatically dirty sweaty sex and that’s not what the song is about,” he says. “It’s based on my relationship with the judges, and reporters how you kind of have to pretend to love somebody … It’s like my relationship with a bunch of people.”

Johnny, 25, even gave us the hook of the song!:

“I’m not scared of your dirty love
You think you know me but I’ll call your bluff
Better raise your game come on let's make some dirty love.”

He might even record more songs! “I hope so! I mean, I want to see how this first song does,” he says. “I mean, I’ve never thought of myself as a singer.”



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2010-05-30 в 23:18 

count of casualty
*учит наизусть*
ногти у принцессы отпад :nail:

2010-05-30 в 23:22 

Long lost Tremor sister
ногти да. :lol:
прическа зато хороша.:rom::heart:
только что-то мне кажется, фото из закромов, y/y? а то сзади ну очень старый постер. Т_Т

2010-05-30 в 23:28 

count of casualty
дада. пинк маллет адоркабл, канеш, но обожаю, когда у него такой кавайный шухер :heart:

закрома-закрома. Он же на премьере SatC как раз с розовыми кудряшкаме был, не?

2010-05-30 в 23:30 

Long lost Tremor sister
я тоже люблю его bangs. :rom:
*пытается заглянуть принцесс Джей за спину и понять, есть ли какая цветная прядь в волосах или это старое фото* :what:


Johnny Weir (с блэкджеком и шлюхами!)