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Johnny Weir looks back at the Olympics: Fortius Altius Maximus
June 27th, 2010 by Johnny Weir

In the upcoming season finale of BE GOOD JOHNNY WEIR tonight, my fans and fans of my show will travel with me to the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada. There is a lot of detail shown in the finale, but I thought I’d dish a little dirt about the Olympics, and this has nothing to do with the fact that condoms were officially supplied in the Olympic Village.

The Olympics are massive. You can’t really appreciate the magnitude of the games simply by watching them on TV. You arrive in the airport and are immediately directed to a line to receive your accreditation, which is your key to the Olympics as an official entry. The accreditation gains you access to all venues, housing establishments, and in many cases free taxis and constant gawking as to who you may be when you’re out and about. I arrived earlier than expected to the Olympics because of a blizzard on the east coast, and they didn’t want me to be late.

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2010-06-27 в 21:10 

Long lost Tremor sister
только сейчас прочла на _скейтинге. хочу обнять Джонни. :weep:

2010-06-27 в 21:17 

social llama
cocaLoca это он уже урывками почти все говорил, но как же все0-таки груснечка =((

2010-06-27 в 21:24 

Long lost Tremor sister
less than perfect
тут все целиком написано, поэтому и грустно читать. ((
когда кусками в интервью было.. как-то не так грустно. а когда все в одном посте, то реально, хочется его обнять и купить ребенку весь мир.


Johnny Weir (с блэкджеком и шлюхами!)