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Джонни отвечал на твиттере на вопросы фанатов. конференция получилась шикарная - Джони обявил свое настоящее middle name (Гарвин), сказал кое-что о Эване, Стефане, Галине и Ване)) читать обязательно!

Q: I am an only child, would you be my brother?
A: yes i'd be happy to be your brother

Q: Hi!Johnny, How do you celebrate your 2nd 25th birthday? and I love your Balanciaga tree! ;) from #jpn
A: I will celebrate with my closest friends on thursday in nyc then friday i have mani/pedi party with tara

Q: What is your favorite Japanese food(including sweets)?
A: my favorite japanese food is kobe beef. Delicious

Q: What ever happened to your pony- retired at home, or....? Thanks!
A: the last i heard, my pony was in upstate pennsylvania running around :)

Q: your kittens tweet you many msgs do u get a chance to read them? love you!
A: i don't always have time to read my tweets, but i try to update everyone by tweeting often

Q: How long did it take for you to learn Russian? Are you considered fluent now?
A: i wouldn't say i'm fluent, but i have very good knowledge. i can write, speak, read and comprehend Russian

Q: Where are your favorite places to shop in NYC?
A: in nyc i love chanel in soho, jeffrey, balenciaga, barneys and pat fields house of venus

Q: Will u reveal to us someday what's your middle name? What's "G"? I'd like to know your secret name!
A: i rarely reveal it, but i feel like i can tell you, my middle name is Garvin. I hate it!

Q: where did u get the gloves you wore on the blue carpet? Must have. Love you
A: i got my gloves at Patricia Fields shop in NYC. it's in the bowery and called House of Venus

Q: What mascara would you recommend?
A: I reccomend MAC's mascara, Dior Show and the new Givenchy mascara. the applicator is a ball!

Q: You never mention we British, what do you think of us and England???
A: I love England. I can't wait to come back. I tell everyone to learn english from a british person

Q: When could you announce the pair skating with Stephane?? I want to watch it in Niigata!! :* JSGJ
A: stephane doesn't want to skate with me. we both like to be the "flower" in the pair. he refuses

Q: Are you afraid of anything?!?
A: i'm afraid of sharks,spiders,germs, bugs, barracuda, flying, dark, war and everyone wearing the same thing

Q: Hi!! Johnny! Japan is now, it's Midnight! When you came to Japan, there is time for sightseeing?
A: i will come straight to niigata and then after shows spend a few days in tokyo.i want to go to harajuku

Q: What's your favourite program?(own)
A: my favorite programs are swan, poker face, heartbroken, yunona and fallen angel

Q: Lady Gaga or Madonna?

Q: I have clothes that don't fit cause I lost weight, but have sentimental attachment ! Ideas ?
A: get them tailored to fit you now!

Q: What is the perfume that you like most now?
A: I love Doir Homme's Bois d'argent and Moschino L'Uomo
A: also tom ford's "white suede"

Q: Do you have any tips for a beginning skater? I don't plan to ever compete, but it's fun so far :D
A: never be afraid of falling

Q: Johnny, Can you ride a bicycle? from #jpn
A: i can ride a bicycle, but i prefer to drive. i don't like to sweat

Q: What is your favorite Xtina song on Bionic?
A: on #bionic my favorite songs are Prima Donna and You Lost Me

Q: Johnny, What do you want in an article of Chanel? from #jpn <333
A: I love anything chanel really. it could be a bag to a moist towelette and i'd love it. CC Forever

Q: What do you usually like to do on long plane flights? I can never sleep so I just watch movies.
A: i go insane on long flights. i read, play games on the tv, poke tara when she passes out, meet the crew etc

Q: How your personality changed from the past?
A: i was very stupid publicly in the past, but now i am stupid and own it.

Q: My fear? That you'll retire Poker Face before I've seen you skate it live!
A: there has been so much demand for my poker face that it won't be retired for a long time

Q: You have shows in July in Niigata, Sun Valley and Lake Placid. What is planned for August?
A: IN august i will have released my song, so i will shoot a video clip, and promote #dirtylove

Q: Who are your favorite skaters to perform with?
A: I love to perform with PLushenko, Slutskaya, yu na kim, ando miki, Oda, ksenia makarova, & evan bates

Q: can you tell me your vital statistics? and when will you go to China in your american time?
A: I will come to China in September to perform. I was in vited by Shen/Zhao. Very excited!!!

Q: Are you and Galina on speaking terms again?
A: I'm actually sitting in the rink now.Galina helped me this morning with a new show number special forJPN

Q: Money is tight on my end - what is one recommended, MUST HAVE item for a fashionable wardrobe?
A: For a lady a great patent leather black heel, and red lipstick. For a man, pants that fit.

Q: which bag are you going to bring to japan?

Q: how are you dealing with the heatwave in the northeast??

Q: what other language do you want to learn?
A: I want to learn Japanese and Norwegian

Q: what person in history do you respect the most?
A: I so respect anyone who has created light in a world of darkness. coco chanel, pushkin, nureyev...

Q: Will the photo book due to be released in Japan soon ever be released in USA?
A: I still don't have a title, but the book will be great. lot's of gossip and philosophy

Q: what was inspiration for Black and Pink of 2009/2010 SP- I love u I hate u? Genius!!
A: black hate, pink love, it was perfect!

Q: Did you get a chance to buy those g.p. Leather leggings that you twittered about?
A: I didn't! they ran out of my size by the time I went back to buy them. G.Pugh is small in USA

Q: What is one thing you really want to say to Evan Lysacek?
A: I have nothing to say to evan lysacek

Q: will you come to #chi ? :) Chile loves u ! btw... i sent you a present for your bday !
A: I would love to come to chile. i wish they had ice!

Q: what is your favorite fur? Is it wrong that I'm a vegan...don't care, <3 you anyways!
A: I love russian sable, and lynx.

Q: Any hints about your new Niigata show program - maybe a 3-word description?
A: skate live with japanese singers, and Poker Face. I wanted to do H'Broken but the organizer said PF

Q: Give our regards to Galina Yakovlevna! From Russia with love:)
A: She says Privet and Schastlivo.

Q: have u booked ur air tickets? when will u arrive in Beijing?Chinese Angels're welcoming u at the airport
A: they are not booked yet, but very soon and we will let you know when i arrive. thank you for robot!

Q: Who is your favorite painter ?
A: Sergey Rimashevsky! Amazing

Q: where in nyc would you live if you moved here?
A: Meatpacking district. It makes me feel warm

Q: would уou like to meet sergey lazarev..?
A: yes i want to skate while he sings. Lazarev is my favorite young male singer. Great style

Q: What's your vote for the sexist vacuum cleaner? I go with Dyson hands down-I love me some balls- LOL
A: Dyson Ball

Q: What would you say is your no.1 fav-must have-can't live without-accessory in your closet right now.
A: Chanel calfskin bag.

Q: will there be a season 2 of Be Good Johnny Weir? We wait in anticipation!
A: It's in the works :) YAY!

Q: Swear right now that when you do a book tour, you don't just hit the east and west coast.
A: I promise I will MidWest it up.

Q: do you miss pennsylvania at all? i live here and can't wait to get out!
A: I want to build a house in Quarryville soon. PS Patti is selling her house in DE if anyone is interested

Q: who would you say are your biggest style influences?
A: Karl Lagarfeld, Sergey Lazarev, Coco, Weather, Denis Simachev, my bff Christa

Q: Are you working with any choreographers on new show programs this year?
A: For #dirtylove I have asked david wilson to help me,also i want to work something with Baryshnikov

Q: So you and Galina have patched things up?
A: G and I had a talk a few weeks ago. We both needed space to deal with Olys. We're great now.

Q: Hi Johnny! What is your favorite song from Lady Gaga? :)
A: Pokerface and Teeth. Also Speechless.

Q: Which competition did you think do your best perform? and have best memory?
A: Olympic Games 2010 and all of 2004-2005 season

Q: Who gives the best hugs in figure skating besides yourself
A: Plushenko gives a good hug, Tarasova, Tchaikovskaya and Zmievskaya. Furry bossoms. Miki is good too

Q: Do you own any Alexander McQueen pieces?
A: I do. At Olys Holt Renfrew gave me special maple leaf mCqueen scarf the day he passed. tragedy

Q: Allo Johnny! If you were allowed a shopping spree anywhere in the world. Where would it be?
A: Moscow for sure. So many interesting things you can't find anywhere. Tokyo, Seoul and Paris as well

Q: If you could design a costume for any skater, what would it be and who would it be for?
A: evan lysacek, just to put him in a sparkly onsie

Q: Are you really close with any of the non-American figure skaters? :)
A: i'm not very close to my team. i feel friendliest with joubert, plush, slutskaya, uspenskiy
A: ksusha makarova is my baby sister. also close with oda, ando, gedevanishvilli, dytrt, totmyanina

Q: will you apear in Glee sometimes? =))
A: I would love to sing a duet with Jonathan Groff on Glee. Lancaster County Boys

Q: How do you pick yourself back up when you've "fallen," so to speak? Any advice for others who have?
A: I get stronger from falling, I punch ten times harder after i fail.

Q: Who is your favorite vampire? :-)
A: I look like a vampire, but I love me some RPat

Q: Who is your favourite currently working ballet dancer?
A: Kolya Tsikaridze

Q: What's your favorite episode of Glee?
A: anything when kristin chenowith is around! also "hello"

Q: How much is your body fat percentage?
A: before olympics it was in the 6s, but now I am afraid to know. I think i found cellulite.

Q: Are you excited to see Stephane in Japan? And do you think he'll have a good career as a choreographer?
A: stephane is nice, i am more excited to see plush and jana and tomas

Q: Did you get a chance to meet some of the 'big name' Olympians? Apolo Ohno? Shaun White? Lindsey Vonn?
A: yes i met a lot of people, but in general i wait for people to come to me.

Q: What did you have for breakfast today?
A: no breakfast. i'm trying to lose ten pounds

Q: What's the funniest thing that's happened to you in the past week?
A: i had lunch alone at the maritime hotel on sunday and there were paparazzi outside, one fell.

Q: Which other skater has the best style in your opinion?
A: Jana Khokhlova

Q: You + the mongoose or abbott, stranded on a desert island "Cast Away" style, who would you choose?
A: Mongoose

Q: Have you read Harry Potter? Which house are you?
A: Slytherin

Q: Will you do a tour for your book once it's released?
A: Oh yes. BIg tour, all over the world!

Q: ur skin is so good, how do you keep it...do u use mask?
A: wash twice daily and after excercise, sunscreen, moisturize with cle de peau, shu uemura mint spray

Q: What do you do when (if) you have free time?
A: I like exploring my city and cleaning. I also am obsessed with closet organizing

Q: Trying to lose 10 lbs, then what's the whipped cream for?
A: I used to eat bowls of whipped cream as dessert if i needed it.

Q: What will your last words be? (Sorry if that's creepy!)
A: I love you. I hope

A: Santino because he reminded me of Rasputin and had a fun voice

Q: Do you think Jana K will really skate with Fedor Andreev? Should she?
A: I have heard that they are training, and don't need to be ready until December for RN. She is great.

Q: Will you tell Brian Joubert to get a Twitter account?! You are friends, right? We need updates! :D
A: Brian is very quiet and likes to keep to himself. But I'll push him

Q: Are you going to put any more fun colors in your mullet? I liked the pink!
A: Now it's blonde

Q: Do you really sleep with a stuffed panda?
A: Yes his name is Ping

Q: Has BGJW been nominated for an Emmy (deserves!) & will you get to open the VMAs w/#DirtyLove? Thx! :)
A: We sent in an episode for Emmy's, and we're working on VMAs

Q: Will we ever see the rest of the MAC photos from your latest shoot? So far, they've been amazing.
A: Yes in Japanese Mook Book.

Q: Do you get together with men's single US national team members in private? what do u think about them?
A: No. Of all the guys I'd say Adam Rippon is our future and he's the nicest of the bunch

Q: how is Paris? are you guys still friends? :)
A: Paris is great, enjoying Jersey City. We're good, we're getting old but he's very skinny. I'm jealous

Q: would you get a tattoo and where and what would it be
A: I wouldn't get one, it's not my style. I like Nicole Richies wings on her foot.

A: I love orange juice and sourdough toast

Q: When you go back to your hometown do people mob u like they do elsewhere?
A: No because they all ":know" me. :)

Q: will u perform in nyc area soon? you were amazing at the ice theatre!
we have been tweeting to get you on dwts- do u want that?
A: Yes!

Q: Must see movie for the summer?
A: Burlesque.

Q: What night cream do you use?
A: Cle de Peau "La Creme"

Q: Did you have fun at the GLAAD awards and meeting Adam Lambert?
A: Adam was great, he invited me to his little party. He's a sweet guy

Q: Did you meet @Shaun_White at the Winter Olympics games?! :O
A: yes, so red

Q: I love Mr. Romanov. I meet him again?
A: yes always. Viacheslav Romanov forever

Q: What is the most sinful food you'd like to eat right now?
A: Cheesecake or chicken fingers with ranch.

Q: How is Vanya doing? Is he going to come live with you or are you too busy?
A: he's fat! but he's so happy. he is with the family for now because i'm so busy

Q: If Brian is quiet how come you're friends? Are you two complementary or are you secretly quiet too? ;D
A: secretly I'm quiet and bashful. Brian is great

Q: Why'd you get bangs if you keep slicking them back at events? ):
A: I use my bangs when needed

Q: Are you as beautiful as you usually are right now? Also, what you are wearing? ;)
A: I am wearing leggings and an orange tank and skates. I am literally just off the ice

Q: How do you accessorize your Bosco? I can't decide what to wear with mine.
A: I wear my Bosco Sport for sports or when I'm lounging. Accessorized with great red/qhite shoes

Q: Do you planning to visit Slovakia someday? Slovakia is waiting for you! :)
A: I went to SVK in 2008 and can't wait to come back.

Q: Are there any drugstore beauty products that you secretly adore? What are they?
A: Olay Bodywash for extra dry skin. White bottle, yellow top. I've used it for years

Q: Do you ever want kids? Maybe you haven't thought that far ahead... I know I have though! XD
A: A little girl. Anastasia.

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