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Q&A: Johnny Weir on His Fabulous Clothing Collection, Fur, and Upcoming Clothing Line

Figure skater Johnny Weir let Bluefly video cameras into his closet so that the nation might ogle his vast clothing collection, which contains much more than controversial fur-accented unitards. Weir has a two-bedroom apartment in New Jersey, one bedroom of which he uses just for clothes — in addition to his two walk-in closets. "I live in New Jersey, and that affords me a lot more closet space than the average New Yorker gets," Weir explained. "And believe me, I need it!" We spoke to him more about his Chanel jacket obsession, fur pillows, Louboutins as art pieces, and his upcoming clothing line.

What is your advice on closet cleaning?

I don’t get rid of anything — I’m such a pack rat. There could be something that I got ten years ago that I wouldn’t get rid of. I have a vintage Chanel jacket that I don’t actually fit into — a very classic Chanel tweed jacket. I just have it as a sort of art installment. And someday I’m going to have a kid, so whether it’s a boy or girl they’re going to inherit a really great wardrobe.

Do you wear women's clothing?
I’m lucky because I’m really small so I can wear men's clothes and women’s clothes.

Do you wear women's shoes, too?

Usually I try not to buy women’s shoes — I have no heels in my collection. I want to buy a pair of Louboutin patent-leather heels just to fit in the apartment as an art installation. I have a pair of Chanel women's boat shoes and a pair of women’s sneakers from Gucci. And I have a small foot.

How do you feel about man heels?

I don’t like the idea of that look — I think it’s not quite right. But there are those situations where you’re performing or doing a shoot where, you know, there’s nothing wrong with a little heel. I think more men should walk in heels and run in heels and see what women have to deal with every day.
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Long lost Tremor sister





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:lol: :lol: :lol:

про целлюлит добил XD

кстати, хороший он разброс сделал - all saints в пару раз дороже topshop будет, ну по крайней мере мне так запомнилось XD

2010-06-30 в 12:05 

Long lost Tremor sister
про целлюлит он вчера в Q&A на твиттере тоже сообщил. :lol: после того, как у него спросили про его процент body fat, и он сказал, что во время ОИ он был 6%.
*упала и умерла*


Johnny Weir (с блэкджеком и шлюхами!)